So why do I want to drink from the toilet?

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. – Ephesians 6:2

We know where the battle is fought.  Spiritual warfare is best battled in the mind, where we are attacked viciously.  Why DON’T we take “every thought captive” as 2 Corinthians 10 tells us, and stand firm to withstand the evil one as Ephesians 6 tells us?

Why do we believe the lies?

Why did Eve believe the lie?  Why is it that, when God told Adam he could eat freely of all the trees of the garden except for one, the serpent focused his crafty fangs on the… forbidden fruit? Why did it aim the deadly bullet of doubt at the ONE tree – out of a GARDEN of trees ready and waiting to be enjoyed as God-given pleasure and joy?

Because that’s where the lie was coming from.  The serpent came to Eve (Genesis 3) and gently struck up a conversation: “Hey, how’s it going?  Is it true?  Did God REALLY say you can’t eat from any tree in the garden?”

hmmm… Wow serpent.  No, God did ‘t say the WHOLE garden – just the one tree.  And my brain is saying I can’t eat… or touch or… wow.  Hmmm.  That DOES kind of stink, doesn’t it?

Wow God… What’s up with that anyway?

We like to led to focus on the negative, don’t we?  We like to question God, don’t we? Sometimes things don’t quite seem FAIR, do they?  We question if He REALLY said that, if He REALLY wants us to do that, if He REALLY holds us accountible to THAT standard? We hear the voice in our head and we wonder…

“Did God REALLY say we can’t…?”

And the serpent speaks:

Wait – NOOOOOO… God wouldn’t do that! The voice in our head, just like the serpent, rationalizes and justifies. Oh no – that’s not the issue.  Good grief and hey wow.  It’s not that you can’t.  God just doesn’t want you to enjoy everything – to have everything – to be all you can be!  Oh no – God doesn’t really want to give you the best, so He’s holding back on you.  Go on – try it – you’ll see!  You’re missing something – you’re missing a chunk of life – just do it!

And you believe the lie.  And your eyes are opened…

…and you are ASHAMED.

So – why do I even think about drinking from the toilet?  Why am I not SATISFIED with all that God has given me in the garden that He placed me in?  It’s the garden He’s given me – He promises to care for me and “my cup runs over” – when I let it!

When Jesus promises Living Water that will never leave me high & dry, why do I continue to settle for…

drinking from the latrine of the world’s cesspool?  WHY?

Why do I dwell on the “thou shall not”‘s when God’s blessings of life surround me, embrace me, hold me and carry me through on His path?  Why do I get carried away on my own way, and believe the lies that it’s not good enough, I’m not good enough, and I don’t have enough?

Attitude is a choice.  Choices lead to consequences.  God, help me to see the lie and not believe it.  Help me focus on the GARDEN and not the one tree.  Help me desire the pure, clean Living Water and not have any desire to…

drink from the toilet…

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