The perfect personality… yes indeed.

I love to watch people.  I enjoy studying why individuals do the things they do, what makes them tick, and how they react and relate.  Each of us is wired with strengths and weaknesses, potential and opportunities,  greatness and… lack of.

According to Trent-Smalley, all around us are personalities of lions, otters, golden retrievers and beavers.  According to them, I’m a blend: a beava-lion.  I love to WORK and love to take charge of work.  My boss is an otter: a fun-loving, joking otter.  My office is filled with otter blends that love to get together and play, which can drive me absolutely wacky, especially when (not IF – I’m a BEAVER) there’s work to be done!

And I consider Jesus.  When I read the Bible and study what’s recorded about Him, I discover a perfect blend of personality styles.  He never experienced a personality clash with anyone who had a true heart for Him and for God, His Father.  How interesting: Jesus was an lion-otter-golden retreaver-beaver.  An extrovert-introvert, thinker-feeler.  A choleric-sanguine-phlegmatic-melancholy.  The perfect and Holy Son of God, Who came to earth and put on sin and a wristwatch HAD a personality – which was perfect.  He was both task and people-oriented.  He was assertive and bold, calm and careful, questioning and accepting.  Direct, yet patient and soft-spoken.  Active and fast-paced, yet analytical and calm.  Accurate, persuasive, stable, a change agent.  Thoughtful and organized, disciplined, yet flexible and able to wing-it.  Right-brained AND left-brained.  Logical AND random. Sequential AND intuitive.  Objective AND subjective.  Looked at the whole; looked at the parts.  That was Jesus.

So what do I get from this?  Jesus was God’s Son.  He was God in the flesh.  And, in the flesh He wore all sinless perfection through his handling of life on earth.  That’s how He can understand what I’m going through – what you’re going through – what each of His children is feeling and why.  He embraced all personality types and understood all – as GOD.

What else do I realize through this?  That I’m very much lacking and, as a perfectionist beaver, am prone to beating myself up black and blue for my lack-ofs.  I need to love as Jesus loved.  I need to accept all personalities – including my own – with that love, as He did.  And I smile as I realize the perfect personality type: Jesus Christ.

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