Reflecting the Son…


GOD IS REAL.  I see Him in everything around me – the spring flowers blooming, my cat, my husband’s smile.  I see the Son shining brightly around me as I behold His creation.  There is no doubt: a divine Creator has put together a masterpiece all around me, beginning with you and me.

I want to show a lost world around me that God is real.  I want to live the life that His disciple would live: following His Word constantly and consistently, living a transparent life of integrity in all I do, pursuing excellence and quality as His child to glorify Him.  Jesus told His disciples to go into the world, and I believe going into my world begins right at my door with my neighborhood and the people that cross my path throughout the day.

Do I have to be a literal and visible Bible-shaker to preach/proclaim?  No.  “Proclaim” means to make plain, to declare, to praise.  God’s Word says much about living a life to declare and glorify Him by our example.  The heavens declare the glory of God simply by existing.  They scream GLORY TO GOD at me as I gaze upward.  My life needs to similarly proclaim Jesus by how I live, because my life is an introduction to the world around me of the reality of God.

I want to show the reality of the love of God to the mailman, the UPS guy, the people around me at the grocery store – anyone – EVERYONE – in how I walk – talk – do life.  Meanwhile, I want to be constantly available to share the reason for my life gently, yet boldly, without compromise when asked about the real God – my Father.  Just like I inherited my earthly Father’s blue eyes and they are very evident to anyone who sees them, the reality of my Heavenly Father must also be evident through attributes I’ve inherited from Him: Love.  Joy.  Peace.  Patience.  Kindness.  Goodness.  Faithfulness.  Gentleness.  SELF-CONTROL

I want my walk of faith to be active – reactive – proactive.  I want it to be consistent and constant.  I want the world around me to see that I’m REAL and my God is REAL.

There are so many unethically shady, slimy people that pursue business to feed their faces and use others simply as cogs in their wheel.  I want to be the one people remember as being different.  I want to be a business professional that lives up to those two words, business + professional, so people can respect – trust – be confident in me.  I want to be a credible source of credible information, because I follow the example of Jesus – the Way, the Truth and the Life – as God’s Son.

My world – His world – revolves around GOD and His Son.  That Son needs to shine in my world.  May it be through my life. ♥

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Life is a journey - Enjoy it!
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