I love getting my face blown off…

This week God has pretty much blown my face off as He continues to show & prove Himself AL-MIGHT-Y.  He brought several people my way – unannounced, yet with impeccably perfect timing – who shared not only what God was doing in their realm but, through their stories, reinforced what He is doing in mine.

Coincidences?  Similarities?  Fate?  No.  GOD.

How can seemingly normal life situations become God-ordained revelations?  How can God use a life experience for one person to magnify His name to another?  All I can say is w…o…w…  I have no idea.  My face is blown off.  All I know  is… HE DOES.

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. – Isaiah 55:8 NLT

This week renewed my awareness to be ready, available, and open for GOD and, if/when I feel a prompting from within to be there for someone, I need to…

Pray.  Talk.  Share.  Keep asking myself: What is God doing through our time together? How is He glorifying Himself?

Thank God He works through seemingly normal situations – more than we realize and in ways that far exceed our imagination.  I know He does this constantly, and many times we have NO CLUE – NO IDEA what HE’s doing!  He’s GOD – we are clay in the Potter’s hands. S0 – we need to be ready to share what He’s doing in our world because…

He may be using you to show Himself mighty to another.  Then it’s their turn to get their face blown off. ♥

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Life is a journey - Enjoy it!
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