“When you go… you SHALL…”

“When you go out as an army against your enemies, you shall keep yourself from every evil thing.”
Deuteronomy 23:9

The words in this verse are simple in essence, yet complicated in context. Even a small child can understand the meaning of each word, because each is very familiar and used in everyday language.  But, as I consider what these words are saying, it becomes a boldly clear and concise command that must be heeded in its entirety.

“When.”  Not if – when.  This will happen at a point in time, and that point is when “… you go out…”  A choice is made.  An intentional decision is implemented: I will go out then. Where am I choosing to go when I make that choice?  Welllllll, when I go out will be at the point in time when I choose to “go out as an army…”  This signifies confrontation.  Being part of an army implies defense and offense.  Being part of an army signifies a departure from the ease of life and leisure.  No more sluffing around.  No more Mr. Lazy.  A choice is made to not only become part of an army, but to GO out.   This isn’t just talking the talk. This means walking the talk that we choose to talk – with integrity.

But where are we going?  Out.  Against “our enemies.”  A mission of offense.  Time to confront and be part of conflict.  Enemies.  This isn’t playground activity and it’s not just a rowdy round of dodgeball.  This means going, and going out to meet the enemy, because we’re an army and we’re against them.  That enemy is anything against God, of which Satan has rule and control for the time being.  And THAT enemy is all around us and is intent on bringing us DOWN!

There’s also a contingency listed in this verse.  We’re not just choosing to go to battle against the enemy – when.  We also have a line to toe, and that line is drawn in the sand by God Almighty Himself.  We are called to HOLINESS.  Verse 14 spells it out: “Since the Lord your God walks in the midst of your camp to deliver you and to defeat your enemies before you, THEREFORE… your camp MUST BE HOLY…”  And as we go out against our enemies, we MUST keep ourself from EVERY evil thing.  Every. There is nothing left out.  We have to turn away from – run away from – leave behind – ANYthing that has ANY form of evil connection, connotation, configuration or shadow of doubt as to its transparent integrity and purity.

Our God is a Holy God.  “You shall be holy as I am Holy” is His clear command to us as His choldren.  We are to reflect His image as our Father.  Therefore, if we’re inclined to go out after anything where we even remotely wonder if God would be totally pleased, we stop.  We won’t.  We DON’T.  We can’t!!  There is no should be – would be – could be – hopefully be – maybe – probably – possibly or perhaps involved.  No little, no lotta, and certainly not some.   ALL for Jesus… all for JESUS… 

“When you go… you shall.”  This means that we WILL go and, when we do, we shall do it God’s way.  In its entirely.  As unto the Lord, and not unto men, for He doesn’t see as man sees – for He knows our heart… ♥

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