Notes from a prison cell: June 2011

Microsoft clip art imageThe kids in our church youth group have been writing notes to our friend Mark, who is serving a sentence in prison for a crime we know he didn’t commit.  We know Mark.  There was no real evidence.  The trial was a sham that led to a sham of a verdict and a sham of a sentence.  But he’s taking this situation as a mission field and serves God by reaching out to others for Jesus Christ.  Our kids want to be an encouragement by writing to him, and this was a reply from him to us:

Dear Ones,

Thank you all for the card.  You guys have been such an encouragement to me.  We had a baptism service today and 8 men were baptized.  Several of the men shared their testimonies.  A common theme for most of them was that God needed to allow them to sink deep into a pit (Psalm 4:1-3).

Kids, you have Godly teachers at Grace Baptist who love you.  They are not perfect but they love you and love the Lord Jesus Christ.  When Jesus called His disciples He just said, “Come follow me” (Matthew 4:14).  The disciples Peter, Andrew, James and John followed Him “at once and immediately” (Matthew 4: 20 & 22).  They did not ask Jesus where He was taking them or what the cost would be, but they followed Him.  I pray that you see that in the lives of those at Grace, and Teens For Christ and other Christians around you.  I have been impressed to see you already living your lives for Christ and encourage each of you to be totally “sold-out” to Him.  God calls us each individually and may very well call each of us to quite different ministries by the power of His same Holy Spirit, and that is fine, but please remember that we must keep our eyes upon Jesus and not on the ministries that other people have been called to.  Right now I have been called to serve Jesus in prison.  It is not much fun but it still brings me joy to serve our Great Savior, Jesus Christ.  Please don’t mistake fun for joy.  You guys may want to talk about this a little.  I pray that God’s joy will fill your hearts, even when things aren’t fun and may actually be a little difficult.

In the Name of Christ,


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