How can I know… God’s will…?

Another fork in the road…  

Life can be a series of twists and turns and speed bumps as we wander through the journey.  The forks are the big challenge.  Turn one way – or turn the other.  Then walk the chosen path. Not knowing which way to take can leave us feeling almost helpless as we weigh out the consequences of each choice.  The obvious consequences are before us, yet perhaps not crystal clear; it’s the unknown that can overwhelm us as we are left to choose…

Which way to turn… 

Questions.  I’ve always been one to ask questions, because I like to know the details and analyze them before making an “intelligent” decision.  But God has His plan and, unlike me in being limited by a human brain, He has no brain.  He has no limitations.  And sometimes it’s hard to figure out an unlimited God’s plan… “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD (Isa. 55:8).

How can I know His plan?  How can I know it’s His voice speaking to me?

Sometimes, even in the silence, the voices within are confusing and too many are justifiable in light of God’s Word, even when they conflict if pursued in reality.  What about this job – or that?  What about this choice for my time – or that?  What about making this purchase, or going to this place, or even eating this food – or that?  Sometimes seeking the peace of God means dealing with a tremendous mire of could-be’s, would-be’s, wanna-be’s… without being able to hear the true and focused, “this is where I (God) want YOU TO BE.”

How do I know what the right side of the boat is for me?

The story is told in the Gospel of John about disciples who had been fishing in fairly optimal conditions all night, without catching a single fish.  Ever feel that way?  FRUSTRATING, isn’t it?  Jesus told them to throw their nets off the right side of the boat and WOW – the results were AH-MAY-ZING!!  So what if you’re in a position where you have a choice to make about going to another place?  How do you know – for sure – if THAT’s the “right side of the boat” where God will bless and smile and show you His favor?  Ever made a decision that seemed to take you backwards in a lot of ways, even though you smile and say that God really didn’t make a mistake (it just sort of looks that way in a lot of ways…) – His plan is perfect?  Makes you a bit gun-shy at decision-making time, doesn’t it…

What language do I speak?

Max Lucado is an author who speaks to my soul in ways that no one else does.  His writing style is unique.  Last year he shared an e-mail that dealt with “the language you speak”. Here is an excerpt: if you are in Christ, God’s Spirit will speak through you. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover your language.

With whom do you feel most fluent? Teenagers? Drug addicts? The elderly? You may be tongue-tied around children but eloquent with executives. This is how God designed you. “God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well” (Rom. 12:6 NLT).

For whom do you feel most compassion? God doesn’t burden us equally. “The Lord looks from heaven; He sees all the sons of men . . . He fashions their hearts individually” (Ps. 33:13, 15).


What if it seems like I’m not in the right place because it sure seems like my burden and the language I speak are a lot different than the place I am right now?  Is it a lack of faith, a lack of focus, or is God moving me onward – forward – elsewhere?  Hmmm… Here I am; waiting for Him to answer – and answer unmistakably (please!).

Where is God calling me to minister?  What is my mission field?

Every moment of a disciple’s life is spent on their mission field.  Your world is your mission field.  Jesus Christ calls each of us, as His disciples, to GO share the gospel to… the world! MY WORLD.  So… is He shifting my mission field?  How can I know this for sure?  Ever wish for a burning bush and the voice of God to tell you what He wants you to do – emphatically, in detail, and with no potential consequences of making a mistake in knowing AND doing His will?  My sandals will gladly be removed if You – GOD – will PLEASE make your plans for me clear.

It’s times like this – right now – that I realize how utterly dependent I am on Almighty God, and how lacking I am in and of myself.  It’s times like this that draw me near to Him in ways that a “normal” routine cannot.  It’s times like this that I know: I am needy, and He is all-sufficient.  “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

In this I have peace and joy and hope as I wait, because I trust in an all-wise Heavenly Father Who cares for His child…


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