…for such a time as this.

…and who knows whether you are come to the kingdom for such a time as this? (Esther 4:14 KJV)

When faced with too many storms of life, how many times do we reply with that statement?

When the brick wall is running into our face, how often do we relent to God’s plan and purpose and say… for such a time as this?

When people walk out of our life without warning…

When we’re terminated from a position and life we enjoy…

When God closes and closes and closes the doors, do we bow our head low,

put a smile on our face,

raise our open hands toward heaven and speak with a clear and audible voice…

Here am I, send me…

      use me…

             for such a time as this…”?

Queen Esther face death – certain death – and the answer was clear. Her purpose was clear. God had placed her and chosen her to fulfill His purpose for His people…                  for such a time as this.

When tempted to complain…

when tempted to fear…



Why God, WHY?

The answer is simple. Our Heavenly Father knows what’s best for His children. He is our Creator and Sustainer. He is the Alpha & Omega, the beginning & the end, and you were created uniquely and specifically

for such a time as this.

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