The Gift

It’s the holiday season, and one of its many joyful aspects is that we’re reminded of God’s greatest gift to us – His Son, Jesus. The story of the baby in the manger is a prime example of the fact that the greatest gifts in life aren’t always the most expensive, the most attractive, or the most prominent. Sometimes the very best gifts seem to come from the most meager of sources and in the tiniest of forms.

The very best gifts come… from the heart. A heart of love. A heart of service. A heart that cares for you and wants nothing more than to meet your needs – one by one by one – no matter what it takes. The very best gifts come from someone who loves you, in spite of you, and won’t stop trying to give to you no matter how much they’re hurt – or how deeply.

Their love is deeper.

This greatest gift from God – His one and only Son – is the one I am so very thankful for every day of the year. The tiny baby. The Savior of the world. Sent from the very heart of God to a world that didn’t want Him; the very epitome of ungratefulness, unthankfulness, non-acceptance and rejection.

So I ask: What if God hadn’t given the gift?  The answer is so bleak: There would be no hope for mankind to be reconciled and enjoy their intended relationship with Almighty God – our Heavenly Father.  What if we don’t accept the gift?  Likewise.  The hope of reconciliation is crushed. The relationship is ruined. There is no hope. The consequences of ungratefulness and rejection are never good. So sad. And a reality for so many as they reject and turn away from the gift being held out to them from God Himself. The gift of love – the gift of life.

But the consequences of thankful acceptance? So good. So WONDERFUL! So much joy comes from simple sharing! What an enjoyable blessing it is to be able to give from the heart and have that gift joyfully and thankfully received. We see that evidenced with the story of the little boy and his lunch. When the need for food became evident to a multitude of hungry followers of His Son, God showed His glory and power in a way that was so profound – so unexpected – so… GOD.  Picture the little boy coming forward, humbly, meekly, with a pure heart of service and innocent desire just to share – to give unto others – to give what he had… all he had…

This willing little boy came forward, not even considering that his gift could have been turned down, turned away, or cast aside for whatever reason. Not good enough. Someone else could give better. Not needed. Not wanted. You’ve got to be joking… 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed five THOUSAND men plus women and children?

The disciples tried to refuse the gift. They knew this crisis was of epic proportion. Their response:  This kid gets an epic fail!

So I ask: What if the little boy hadn’t given the gift?  I’m sure God would have displayed His majesty and power by feeding the multitude through other amazing means, because that’s His desire. He will display His might and power and He will get all the glory, because He alone is worthy. It was the little boy who was the channel for His glory to be displayed, and it was simply because he chose to be the servant. He stepped forward to give all that he had. It truly is more blessed to give than to receive. What if Jesus hadn’t accepted the gift?  Hmmm…

But He did. He saw the heart that it came from. He saw the love. He saw the one who simply wanted to give all he had because – that’s what he wanted to do. It was a gift from a heart of WORSHIP. THAT was PURE WORSHIP. And Jesus took the gift as it was intended – love and worship – gazed up at the heavens, gave thanks to God for this most meager of gifts, gave it His blessing, and broke it.

He broke it.
He broke it and broke it and broke it and broke it, and it fed THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS, and the leftovers gathered after all those thousands ate until they were full filled baskets and baskets and baskets – twelve, in fact.

ACCEPT THE GIFT when it comes to you in love. Accept the gift, even if meager and tiny and…

Even if you don’t want to because your pride says – it’s not needed. It’s not wanted. I don’t want to accept it.

When you don’t, God may take what He breaks from it from you, and give it to someone else who… accepts it willingly.  Accepts it as… a gift. 🙂

I saw this on Facebook this morning:

God isn’t expecting huge accomplishments from you. He just wants you to reconnect your heart to His and use the gifts He gave you to show His love to the world. Even the smallest gift can make a big difference. Just play your drum for Him… Pah-rum-pa-pa-pum!

Isn’t it just the most amazing blessing to be able to give with arms outstretched, fingers open, dripping with love? Yes, God’s Word is true. Once again – it IS more blessed to give than to receive. Isn’t it even BETTER when your gift is accepted? The love of God can go full circle when love is accepted from the giver.

So give. Give and give. And when your gift is accepted, be thankful that you were able to give and that your gift was received. And if you give and your gift is…

turned away…


is unacceptable…


think of your Heavenly Father and His heart for you.

Think of the rejection His Son took…

the cruel blows…

 the nails.

He did it for you. His gift was unacceptable to multitudes throughout the ages, but that rejection and pain and hurt was worth it for your heart… your soul… your life.  Maybe your gift – big or small – is unacceptable to someone. Maybe you just want to help, to be the servant God has called you to be, and to give someone the gift of you – but they turn you away for whatever reason. God knows your heart and, if it’s a heart after His, be assured He will accept and bless your gift…

even if someone else turns it down. 🙂

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