The Example


Be an example. 

Simple? While it’s a lot easier to remain out of the way, out of the line of fire, and out of sight of eyeballs that are watching – the call is clear.

Hey. YOU. Be an example.

Be an example of the believers, Jesus followers, those who claim to love God, His Word, and all things connected to His kingdom.

That’s a test I fail – a lot. Thank God – He is merciful and forgiving.


Be an example of what God is calling us to be in everything:

How we speak,

What we talk about,

How we serve and give,

Our heart and motives,

Where our hope and trust lies,

and how we live.
In purity – which comes from within.
Jesus said it well: Your heart will be revealed through your actions.

As we look around, can we see an examples icon_wink

If not you, then who?

The example – is up to you. icon_biggrin


About sandypdot

Life is a journey - Enjoy it!
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