The Joy

Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.
Philippians 4:4

That’s a command; not a suggestion. The entire book/letter of Paul to the church at Philippi is FULL of joy and, despite the fact that Paul was a prisoner, he talks about his joy at least 16 times in this short, four-chapter book! He was in chains; he used those chains to share the gospel with the Roman guards who were bound to him. I am free; how often do I redeem the time to share the gospel and minister to others? Not nearly enough. God gave Paul a captive audience and Paul used his situation to glorify His God. Do I see every situation as an opportunity to give God the glory? I need to. Paul had every reason to be absolutely devoid of joy. I have every reason TO be joyful, yet I find myself otherwise to many times. Paul was the epitome of self-LESSness; I can be the epitome of self-ISHness.

I’ve been studying Philippians in-depth for almost two months, and it’s humbled me while embracing me and invigorating me to find the joy that is mine through Jesus Christ. The goal: Press on and embrace the joy as I seek to KNOW God in His majesty and holiness. The reason: To glorify God in everything I do. I trust His joy will be your joy too.

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