The Simplest Lessons

… if ever. 😦

God doesn’t dwell on the negative, and neither should I.

He doesn’t focus on the negative, highlight the negative – or even ACKNOWLEDGE the negative. Yes. He knows it’s there. But He doesn’t incorporate it. He turns from it – to the light of truth.

Does He complain when I don’t “treat Him right”?

Does He react negatively when I make a mistake?

Does He make a sarcastically rude comment – ever?

Does he grumble, growl, or give me the frowny-face I deserve when I trip up?

No. And neither should I.

That’s a hefty statement coming from someone known to speak fluent sarcasm as a second language – or, shall I say REFORMED because I’m trying to break that very bad habit and – instead – will do my utmost to keep my mouth shut and bite my tongue until it bleeds…

… rather than chew my words over and over as I eat them, knowing that the bitter taste of ill-spoken words doesn’t disappear easily… or quickly… if ever?

When Jesus was tempted by Satan, He responded with Scripture. That’s the example of God’s desire for each of His children.

So will I.

“Love one another… as I have loved YOU.”

’nuff said.

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Life is a journey - Enjoy it!
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