The Cheerful Giver


I can remember teaching this verse to my littlest Sunday School kids:

WHO loves a Cheeful giver?” “GOD loves a cheerful giver!”

HOW does God feel about a cheerful giver?” “God LOVES a cheerful giver!”

“WHAT KIND of giver does God love?” “God loves a CHEERFUL giver!”

“What kind of cheerful person does GOD love?” God loves a cheerful GIVER.” icon_biggrin

We tend to equate that cheerful giver with money. Sunday mornings, when we see the offering plates passed, we reach for our wallet with that verse pulsing through our minds – because we memorized it and want to live it out. It’s God’s WORD after all! icon_wink

That’s not a bad thing.

After all, how will God’s work move forward without funds, and where will those funds come from if not from us?


you did it to me

What about the rest of us – the remainder of what we have available? We’re not “made of money” – our lives consist of much, much more to offer…

As I was fussing in my mind about having to take TIME to help my elderly mother-in-law shop for a new refrigerator while cleaning up after my hubby and preparing to be hospitable to incoming guests this weekend, the word GIVER rang in a different tone.

Giver means time.

Giver means resources.

Giver means ME – all of me – and it better be CHEERFUL. That’s not just a smile plastered across my face. That’s a smile burning – like a warm fire – blazing from my heart.

Cheerful giver means positive energy – kindness – Attitude.

And genuine.


The reminder: a life well spent is a life invested in others for Jesus’ sake. A life well-spent is a life lived for His glory. A life well-spent is a life of love…


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