What will happen to your online life when you die?

Jesus said…
“I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies;  and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.”

John 11:25-26

What will happen to your online life when you die?

And what will be your legacy?

Those questions popped into my head last night as I awoke from a deep sleep. In the darkness I thought about the good friend of mine who passed away recently. He had impacted a lot of lives through ministry and his creative streak – and he died suddenly one night. Now I can’t reach out to him with ideas, perspective, or just to say hello. But I find it very comforting, as do a number of others, in the fact that his life lives on in the online realm. I pop into his LinkedIn profile and can see his peacefully smiling face, check out his YouTube channel that will never have any more additions, and visit his unfinished website that carries the words: “Coming soon……” And I sigh. He really didn’t take the opportunity to prepare for an ongoing legacy, and his public legacy – as it is right now – will have an end at some point in time.

You can have a legacy that can reach out and touch others – people you’ll never meet can be impacted by your life. Here are 5 things you can do to live a life of impact right now, and live on after you pass away:

1. Blog your passion. Who are you, why are you alive, and what makes you LIVE? A friend of mine blogs about her family and her son who was saved through a now-mandatory test called Pulse Ox. He had the test before he left the hospital, and it saved his life, She became a driving force to mandate that test and save others like her son, and used her blog as a means to reach others. She impacted lives through her blog – YOU can too.

2. YouTube your videos. This doesn’t mean you have to turn into a videographer. You can be a collector and round up videos you love and want to share with others, both now and for time to come. Add clips you film on the fly from your smartphone. Create a place for others to enjoy the videos you love most.

3. Photoshare your memories as you make them. Instagram, PhotoBucket, Flickr are all photoshariing platforms where others can enjoy your world as you see it. Check out this review of the best photsharing platforms and investigate how these can be combied. For example, if you enjoy Flickr, you can import your instagram images to make one photosharing stop for others to enjoy.

4. Create your own website. There are a variety of ways to achieve this goal, from do-it-yourself to having a professional build the site of your dreams to memorialize your life. Link your blog, YouTube channel, photosharing platforms on your website and make a laasting legacy and heritage of the uniqueness of YOU.

5. Memorialize your social media life. For me, this would focus on my favorite platforms: FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, along with LinkedIn. Together they provide an in-depth trail of my past years, almost as a journal.

Want to know what happens to your online platforms after you die? You may want to check out the following links, then consider how you can keep your legacy living on. Consider making sure someone has your online log-ins and passwords now, and even some instructions on how you would like to be memorialized when the time comes. Take a look at this legal checklist to ensure that you have everything in place.

That way you’ll know that – even after your gone – your legacy will live on.

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2 Responses to What will happen to your online life when you die?

  1. Matt. says:

    What will happen… A great question, and not just for an online life. Far too many never consider the question of legacy; the footprints left behind. If we will ever give thought to this… now is the time.


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