The Remnants

One generation shall praise Your works to another, And shall declare Your mighty acts.
– Psalm 145:4

chapters life bookEvery moment, every day, we are writing the book that we will leave behind: our legacy. Every step we take – every move we make – every word we speak – every smile we smile will leave remains and create a memory for someone. Each of this snippets of everyday life collect and multiply as we move through our days – our months – our years – our life. In the end, these passing moments in time will leave remnants that will collect in chapters and create the book which we will leave behind for our friends – our kids – our grandkids – and future generations.

It’s never too soon to stop and consider what that legacy will be.

In this day and age of internet data capture, be assured that what we place online, or what is kept in any kind of cloud record, will follow us everywhere and be included in the chapters of the book of our life. The remnants of the steps of our life will be collected, and someday someone may pull something up about us from an online search. What will that snippet of information say about us? What will our legacy be? What will be included in the remnants of our time here on this planet?

It’s never too soon to consider how our legacy will live on after you leave. Be sure to check out my blog post about how to prepare – our legacy would be a terrible thing to waste. 822ee-icon_wink

Ever think about the impact our book – our legacy – will make on future generations? While typing one evening, I looked over at a picture of my daughter when she was very young and began to wonder. What will she remember about me as she gets older? What will she pass it to her grandchildren about me and the live I led? What will future generations take from my example and the remnants I leave behind?

The records I have of past generations are a treasure to me, and a reminder that our life does not end when the “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” mantra is shared over our body. These remnants of past generations are few, yet are a reminder that the impact created through daily moments and their consequences ripples out through the lives of others. Each of our moments, and how we choose to live them and share them, will create eternal ripples destined to effect generations to come.

Our legacy. Our book of our life should be a treasure for future generations to learn from and hold dear. Our life does not have to end at the moment our body dies.

11 Katie and Sandy at 15 months oldWhat legacy are we leaving behind, and how? In the past it was professionally posed photographs, handwritten letters, tangible treasures of life, and tombstones. Today we have social media, blogging, eBook opportunities, and data galore. Consider how the remnants of our days will create a legacy for generations to come:

1. Our legacy will let our future family know who we are through what we have written and the moments of life we have shared online. Think of the people you have come to know only through the letters or books they wrote. We can leave such a bigger – broader – better legacy thanks to technology.

2. Our legacy will pass our faith and what we hold dear to those we will never meet in this lifetime. Our recapped legacy gives us the chance to pass the baton of our experience well beyond our years.

3. Our legacy can be the catalyst to inspire our grandchildren and future generations to consider their meaning and impact of own lives, perhaps causing them to dream a little bigger. Some may even dream of being just like us, another blogger or social media poster passing on their faith to the world and continued generations.

What are we doing this moment – today – and in the days to come to create a legacy for others to find inspiration? What can we do each day to inspire others for generations to come? What can we do to create a lasting legacy through the remnants of our lives to impact others and share who we are, who we were, and how our lives had meaning and purpose?

psalm 139



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