6 Steps to Save Your Sanity

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12

MH900391672Life is running at full-speed on steroids right now – for  you too? I cannot believe it’s been 6 months since I’ve been here in my own personal happy place…  Where has the time gone? Oh WAIT – I have a good idea where: I’ve been taking care of a complete website overhaul for www.FlexArmInc.com and blogging for them as much as possible, along with doing their social media on the fly. Add a job description full of duties and “my” life can become almost non-existent as it revolves and evolves into being the consistent company spokesmouth for FlexArm Inc.

It’s easy to lose oneself in all the flurry. I’ve done it repeatedly.

The experts will tell you: Balance is key. Moderation in all things. I reply with a giggle: bahahahahaha… SURE! Easy for you to say!  It’s also incredibly easy to lose your mind when the forces that be overwhelm with requests, needs and to-dos to-be-completed last week at the latest. Period.

It doesn’t need to happen. Sanity is a terrible thing to waste. Life is very short, and there really is no time for fussin’ and fightin, my friend.

Do you feel a distinct need to…

Save your sanity?

This is how I maintain mine:

1. STOP: when I feel overwhelmed. There are times in everyone’s life when the expectations and requests far outweigh the resources one person has to fulfill quickly. I am that “one person.” Repeat after me: I AM THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON TO ME. No one will take care of me like I can take care of me so I HAVE TO take care of me! When I feel the stress invading my realm is coming too fast and is a bit to much to handle, I stop right there and…

2. GO: to a happy place. I have to make myself close my eyes, breathe and displace myself momentarily to regroup and find discernment, clarity and energy to think through the needs that surround me when I’m being bombarded. I have to take a momentary snippet of time to fill my arsonel with ammunition. SMILE. BREATHE. Time to get up and take a quick visual or real power walk to clear out the gunk and open up to find solutions.

3. STOP: trying to “please” everyone. I can’t – ’nuff said. While on of my greatest joys is seeing the smile on someone’s else’s face because I’ve made their world better in some way, shape or form – I can’t do it for everyone concurrently. Just because everyone wants the sun, moon and stars for them on a silver platter at this present moment doesn’t mean I can stop and scramble to fulfill everyone’s immediate requests. SMILE. BREATHE.

4. GO: prioritize the challenges and issues. Life is not all about first come, first served. It’s all about being effective. It’s about adding value. It’s about getting it done right – and well. You can’t do all of those for everyone at the same time. So figure out what needs to be done first based on my values and work through it. Sometimes it means saying NO or telling someone I have to get away to tie up loose ends.

5. STOP: being in a rut. Ruts get me nowhere fast. What am I doing over and over that is dragging me down? Who is in my life that’s sucking me dry? Why am I allowing it?  I simply ask them to stop sucking my life and consider pouring life instead. By doing so, they will do positive things for themselves too. If they choose not to, I have to find some distance from the negativity to stay +positive+.

6. GO: take time to do something fresh and re-freshing. Take a walk. Go somewhere new. Roll the windows down in my car, turn up the music and sing at the top of my lungs while driving through the countryside checking out the cows (Yep that was ME in that red Jeep). Plan a quick trip to somewhere I’ve never been to. Plan how I’ll knock off a bucket list item or two. Do SOMEthing I love to do and never get to do because of everyone else’s requests.

stop save your snaityLife is made up of STOPs and GOs.
There are time I have to take a moment to STOP…
So I can GO.

STOP trying to do it all at once –
GO take life’s requests in tiny bites.

STOP trying to be the best at everything –
GO find some experts and ASK for support.

STOP trying to work non-stop until everything is done.
It never will be.
GO make do-able goals.

With that, I say let’s start living and stop existing.
Life is a TERRIBLE thing to waste.

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Life is a journey - Enjoy it!
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